About Us

Dear students and parents,

On behalf of everyone at Jasper Academy, I would like to welcome each and every one of you to what promises to be an exciting and rewarding year at the school. As valued members of the Jasper Academy learning community, we offer you an outstanding educational experience—one which is rooted in the excellent preparation made possible by our qualified teachers, dedicated staff and by Jasper Academy’s cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS.)

We believe that for each student to get the best possible education and for the school to operate seamlessly, everyone involved must interact according to the well-defined procedures that you will find in the schools course calendar as well as in the student welcome package.

The enrollment process at Jasper Academy is streamlined and efficient. We offer online registration as well as in-person and over the phone registration. Once you are on-board, we pride ourselves in our constant and efficient communication with you and/or your parents/guardians. A big part of that effort is Jasper Academy’s detailed and friendly Welcome Package where you can find firsthand information on many topics that are likely to be important and relevant to your education: you will find information on technical requirements/technical support, Student Code of Conduct, Online resources, academic tips, and Jasper Academy staff access among other things.

We believe in the importance and value of completing a secondary education. It is that unwavering belief that drives the school’s commitment to reach every student so that they achieve academic success. In fact, the goal of preparing our students to be productive citizens of their communities and indeed the World is our eventual and overarching aim. We wish you a very productive and rewarding learning experience at Jasper Academy.


Tanbir Haque


Jasper Academy