About Us

Dear students and parents,

On behalf of everyone at Jasper Academy, I would like to welcome each and every one of you to what promises to be an exciting and rewarding year at the school. As valued members of the Jasper Academy learning community, we offer you an outstanding educational experience—one which is rooted in the excellent preparation made possible by our qualified teachers, dedicated staff and by Jasper Academy’s cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS.)

We believe that for each student to get the best possible education and for the school to operate seamlessly, everyone involved must interact according to the well-defined procedures that you will find in the schools course calendar as well as in the student welcome package.

The enrollment process at Jasper Academy is streamlined and efficient. We offer online registration as well as in-person and over the phone registration. Once you are on-board, we pride ourselves in our constant and efficient communication with you and/or your parents/guardians. A big part of that effort is Jasper Academy’s detailed and friendly Welcome Package where you can find firsthand information on many topics that are likely to be important and relevant to your education: you will find information on technical requirements/technical support, Student Code of Conduct, Online resources, academic tips, and Jasper Academy staff access among other things.

We believe in the importance and value of completing a secondary education. It is that unwavering belief that drives the school’s commitment to reach every student so that they achieve academic success. In fact, the goal of preparing our students to be productive citizens of their communities and indeed the World is our eventual and overarching aim. We wish you a very productive and rewarding learning experience at Jasper Academy.


Ali Samater

Principal, Jasper Academy



My name is Kateryna Yuri. I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology from UofT, and also a Masters in Education from the Open University (UK). I also have TESL Ontario certification.

I have 13 years of teaching experience. When I am not teaching, my interests include: creative writing, crafting, and travel.

My educational philosophy in 50 words: I believe that learning is a social activity, and as such, group work and peer-teaching are paramount. Newly acquired skills need to be practiced in an environment that is relevant to the students, and that closely resembles real life. Therefore I enjoy teaching through various hands-on projects.

To my students/all students I say this: I hope you enjoy learning English with me, and it becomes a useful tool for you. I hope that you can make new friends, find a career path (or several), and discover new worlds and words as you embark on a life-long journey that is language-learning. I do believe that studying should be enjoyable, but that it also requires grit, and give homework that I expect to be completed on time, if you expect to succeed in my class. I also believe in giving you choices of how to study, and encourage you to bring your personal interests and hobbies into the classroom, and to share with your classmates the things that you are passionate about, because that makes all the difference between an ordinary class and a great class.

My name is Olivia Loccisano. I am a graduate of York University. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Screenwriting and a double major in English. I also have my TEFL Certification which I received though Oxford Seminars and am currently in my second year of graduate school where I am studying the presence of children in post-war Italian films. I have six years of teaching experience.

When I am not teaching, my interests include reading, creative writing, fitness and yoga, and watching films. My educational philosophy in 50 words is that education happens when enthusiasm and love meet. My goal as a teacher is to communicate enthusiasm for the subject; to cherish the work and creativity of each student so that each receives encouragement and love towards their ideas; and in this way, understanding becomes a natural occurrence that happens in a loving and enthusiastic classroom.

To all my students I say this: Learning happens when we engage in our opposing viewpoints on a shared object. Differences of opinion and perspectives are always a positive thing, especially in the classroom. We do not have to agree to disagree on anything; we can exist in a shared world with the presence of differing opinions—for this is the only way to learn what we do not know.


My name is Dewald Jacobs. I am a graduate of York University. I have Bachelor’s degree in English. I also have the following certification/certificates: TESL diploma from Canadian College of Educators; Sound and music production diploma from Recording Arts Canada.

I have over 2 years teaching experience. When I am not teaching, my interests include Landscaping for clients in the GTA, Creating electronic dance music and beats for artists. My educational philosophy: I believe each student has the ability to learn. I believe students learn and perform best in an environment where they feel safe. I support healthy risk taking in my students’ approach in learning. I promote learning as a life style in each student’s life.

To all my students/all students I say this: Never stop learning. Never give up. Always reach for your dreams even when there is adversity. Don’t underestimate the power of creativity. Keep an open mind to new or old ideas. Don’t be afraid to explore the world around you and learn new things. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes since it is through making mistakes that we learn.

My name is James McMaster. I am a graduate of Brock University. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a Subsequent Language. I have my TESL Ontario License and I am an Ontario Certified English Language Teacher.

I have 2 years of teaching experience. When I am not teaching, my interests include hiking, trying out new restaurants, and occasionally, camping.

My educational philosophy in 50 words: A classroom should be a respectful and safe place to grow, both personally and academically, where students can feel comfortable to try new things, experiment to find answers, and develop their understanding of the world as it constantly changes around them.

To my students/all students I say this: Comfort zones are good, and necessary to us as people, but a comfort zone should be a starting point from which you branch out, not a place where you hide from new things forever. Don’t wait for an opportunity to come within reach but instead push forward and seek one out.